The Barons Wars

The reign of King John saw significant political instability resulting in the Barons attempting to curtail his power with Magna Carta. However, that document failed to secure peace and the First Barons' War saw an attempt to overthrow the King which was only defused by his death. Almost fifty years later his son, Henry III, also had strained relations with his magnates prompting the Second Barons' War.



The Jacobites

The Catholic leanings of James VII (II of England) led to the Glorious Revolution and the overthrow of the Stuart dynasty. However reaction to the regime change in Scotland was mixed with many reluctant to displace the dynasty that had ruled for over 300 years. Four Jacobite rebellions followed with each trying to restore the Stuarts. With the later rebellions supported by Spain and France, the outcome of the wars would change life in the north of Scotland forever.




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