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Who is the author of BattlefieldsofBritain.co.uk?


Unless articles and/or pictures are otherwise credited, this website and its content have been authored by James Lancaster.


About the Author


John Wilson is a military historian specialising in the Roman military occupation of northern England and Scotland in the first and second centuries AD. He is also a keen castleologist and has visited well over 1,000 castles, forts, pele towers and defensive fortifications in the UK and abroad. James lives in Helensburgh and Southampton.


Is BattlefieldsofBritain.co.uk affiliated to the Battlefields Trust / English Heritage / National Trust etc?


No. This website is an independent venture free from any association with any organisations linked with the content. The website is a sister site of CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk


The website is "missing" a battlefield!


The UK has hundreds of sites that justify a mention on this site and it is the author’s intention to capture as many as possible. However it takes time! Your patience is appreciated whilst the site reaches maturity.


Where do you get your information for articles?


Sources are listed in the bibliography under each article or on the master bibliography. Each battle has been carefully researched with particular emphasis on modern contoured maps, historical mapping and geophysical studies. Prior to fieldwork commencing the accepted and, where applicable, alternative narrative(s) of the battle have been carefully analysed against the terrain. Thereafter the author has personally visited all battlefields listed on this site at least twice; once in fine weather and again in the prevailing weather conditions at the time of the battle.


I disagree with a "fact" made on the website


Everything in history can be debated and, despite best intentions, there will always be disputed or different interpretations. If you strongly disagree with a point of fact on the website then please bring it to the author’s attention via the contact page. However please bear in mind that this is a non-profit making website run entirely from spare time freely donated and that often time provided to running the site will be extremely limited so please do not be offended if you don’t get an immediate answer.


Reporting Broken Links and typos


The website is run by a single author on a volunteer basis and inevitably typos and broken links will occur despite best intentions. I am very grateful for reporting of such for rectification by using the contact page. Given the volume of communication received, please do not be offended if you don’t receive an answer but be assured your comments have been noted and will be actioned at the earliest opportunity.


Where do you get all your pictures?


Unless specifically stated otherwise, all pictures are drawn from the personal library of the author of this site. If you would like to use any of the photographs on your own site or in a publication then please refer to the Terms and Conditions. High resolution and/or RAW versions of photographs are available on request.


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